Plan Retorno

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Frequently asked questions: 


Who qualifies?

" Return Plan ", It does not require registration or sweepstakes. The rating for the benefit of tariff exemption is for all Ecuadorians who have decided to return home, with the intention of residing in Ecuador.

Migration Time

The master of the household, must have resided outside of Ecuador, for a minimum of one (1) year to qualify for the shipment of household goods and tools; and three (3) years to include a vehicle. Regardless of their immigration status, nor it affects retirement benefits and / or medical care of retired persons.

Stays in Ecuador

The maximum stay - counting all trips- can not exceed 60 calendar days in the last year from entering the country, with the intention of permanent residence. For migrants who left their permanent residence status or naturalization, who travel the country; and who have resided for at least five (5) years out of Ecuador, the lengths of stay in Ecuador, are extended to 60 days, an additional 30 days for each year after the fifth, with a maximum of 180 days per year .


What can I take with me?

Each member of the family unit, 425 pounds of clothing, footwear and accessories allowed. This weight set, does not include other items such as sheets, curtains, etc. You can also, List furniture, appliances, electronics, and household items.

Work tools

You can include tools and / or team for each spouse of the family unit, to a maximum of $ 30,000.00. If your tools beyond the aforementioned price should be provided. Productive activity description, number of workers required for production activities and their professional profile.


Please check our section  import a vehicle.